Some thoughts about the crono virus 'national emergency'


with hardship comes ease

For indeed, with hardship there is ease.
Quran 94:5

While riding my bike today ....

Is is not the case that when difficulties arise we then, and probably only then, break out of our daily grind, wake up, see that things are different, and expand our relationship with the world and with each other.

In my experience, it is indeed after hardship ease always comes - though not in my time frame (LOL).

While riding my bike around my neighborhood this afternoon, I have never seen so many parents outside on the streets playing with their children.

The kids were splashing in the rain puddles instead of being carted off to some "prescribed activity" strapped tightly in the back seat of a car. The smiles on the kids faces were real.

I'll end with a quote I like from Dr. Guy McPherson (a professor emeritus of natural resources ecology, and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona) speaking about the possible end of human habitat due to global warming:

"Do what you love, do it well, and then there will be Love".

May the Lord shower you with His mercy and bless your affairs with His guidance.

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