Trade trust for worry


trade worry for trust

God: there is no god except Him. In God the believers should trust.
Quran 64:13

Try this meditation ... It's quite relaxing

This verse from the Quran can be used as the basis of a relaxing meditation - a meditation to remove worry. When we sit in silence we see that pretty much all thoughts that arise in the mind are some sort of worry.

The meditation technique is simple: Sit in silence for 20 minutes and just notice your thoughts (especially the worrying ones), and then trust God to take care of the matter however big or small.

Simply trading worry for trust ... why not?

I like this meditation because, like many others, it quiets the mind. But additionally, it replaces the habit patterns of the mind - changes the habit of worry for the habit of reverence.

After all, we (as we all know) have to think about something as it is the nature of the mind to think ... why not develop the habit of thinking of sacred things. This practice brings peace while not forcing the mind to do back-flips.

May the Lord shower you with His mercy and bless your affairs with His guidance.

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