Dear Friends
Some thoughts about the current Coronavirus situation


life finds a way

Life finds a way

Harbingers and Reverence

First, I hope everyone is well and not sick or in need. If you have needs, please reach out within our community for help. As we like to say: "Together, we can do what none of us could accomplish alone." Don't be shy!

Today I'm reminded, of a book I read during the 9/11 situation titled "The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's Future" by Jonathan Cahn (a Messianic Jewish Rabbi). The key idea in the book is that, when disasters occur, we have a choice to turn spiritual or to turn to ever more self-reliance. I think that the Coronavirus is another harbinger. How will each of respond?

I recommend the book during these difficult times. I'm going to start rereading it tonight

I've talked to a bunch of y'all today. I'm hearing that many of us are slowing down and becoming more appreciative of the little things. For me, slowing down and immersing myself in the present always leads to the experience of reverence.

I've written a bit about the idea of reverence and put my thoughts in a webpage. Its web address is:


I'll end with a quote from my first meditation teacher (Suzuki Roshi):

"If you can just appreciate each thing, one by one, then you will have pure gratitude.
Even though you observe just one flower, that one flower includes everything"

May the Lord shower you with His mercy and bless your affairs with His guidance.

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