Praise be to God awareness is curative

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The first two hints are deeply related. The first hint gives us a tool to seek out the barriers to our absolute freedom. The second frees us. The first hint is like a shiny mirror which can show us our self-centeredness, false separation, and absolutely incorrect view of who we are. Who we are is indescribably pure and vast, and phrases like Absolute Consciousness, The Supreme, and so on, fall pitifully short.

A good use of the first hint is to place the name of someone you dislike at the top of a page, then list all their irritating characteristics. After the list is complete, scratch out their name and pen in your own. The items on the list are precisely those that we abhor about ourselves. Dislike of others is just a disguised form of self-hate. Upon our recognition that the list is about us, not them, the second hint kicks in and gently removes these flaws. We need do nothing - awareness is curative. The only barrier to this is if we believe that we get value by clinging to the defects.

The second hint is the basis of all therapeutic, meditative, and self-help practices. We think we are progressing, getting better, working hard towards recovery from this or that, but in fact it is just the sweetness of awareness that gently erases everything brought to its lovely light.

More advanced uses of the second hint are the various meditative practices, especially those involving self-inquiry or deep surrender. These help uncover the subtle blemishes on our true nature, including the false belief that we have blemishes! In deep meditation the curing power of awareness is instantaneous.

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