Praise God there is no truth to be found in things, moreover, there is no one to find it

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The fourth hint is the fruit of the first three. The first hint leads us to honesty, the second to detachment; the third convinces us that we can only find the Truth outside the framework of our insane world of perceptions.

It is clear that everything (every thing) is temporary. So any eternal truth could not have been created (or it would get uncreated later) nor could the Truth be compared to any thing.

The more shocking realization is that there is no one to hear the truth even if it were found. This is complete liberation; the realization that you are not a person in a body! This direct experience (gift) is free for the taking . . . self-inquiry, surrender, and true forgiveness are the most direct routes.

The realization of the fourth hint (complete and utter freedom) explodes in us when we become completely honest.

The inevitable consequence of deeply understanding the first three hints is an unlearning of everything we have ever thought, felt, or experienced. Silent meditation lights the fuse for that mysterious fire that burns away all the false beliefs and leaves us with that which has always been so:

God alone is.

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