A Meditation

Change Your Beliefs - Change Your Life

Light upon Light

This meditation practice is based on the idea that we have a superpower that we, for the most part, don't know we have. And if we know about it rarely use it. The superpower is:

I give everything I see all the meaning that it has for me.

For example, two people see a third person walking on the other side of the street who is wearing tattered clothes and whose head is hung low.
One fellow sees a lazy bum who needs to get a job and buy some better clothes so that he might not look so bad.
The other fellow sees a man who has lost his family in a fire and cannot, because of his grief, even take the trouble to wash his clothes.
The example above is the exact same situation viewed from two radically different perspectives. Of course, the emotions and response of the two observers will be quite different.


Beliefs cause emotions which in turn cause behavior. Modern Psychologists and counselors use this information in their healing practices. Massive changes in beliefs lead to massive changes in our emotions and, in turn, our behavior.
Our beliefs define what everything means to us and how we respond. How do we change what things (life itself, others, ourselves) mean to us so that we live life in harmony?
Most popular meditation practices do not address beliefs. They are typically aimed at reducing stress or diminishing what is called "monkey mind."
These techniques work well to relieve stress but do not lead to long term changes in our fundamental view of the world. And we remain stuck in unhealthy patterns. So what is a meditation practice that changes ones fundamental beliefs about life?

So now the big question: "what beliefs lead to a peaceful heart and a tranquil life?"
I have found that the Bible and the Quran contain wisdom, beliefs, and practices that have worked for so many for so very long. After all, these books contain the words of the Creator of the Universe who created it for His purpose. Readings from them are what I use for the practice I recommend in the next section.



Regular practice is important. Twenty minutes each morning and each evening is recommended.

Can you even begin to imagine what your life would be like if you believed (and acted upon) the ideas in just the one the passage chosen above?

If you are in doubt about which passages to select for the practice, I recommend starting with anything from the Quran, Psalms, and any passages in the New Testament spoken by Jesus.

This practice is derived from an ancient prayer method called "Lectio Divina." You may want to look up the term for additional tips on how to change your beliefs and make use of this powerful technique.

May the Lord shower you with His mercy and bless your affairs with His guidance.

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