I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the rejected one.



Have you noticed that, when you think about yourself and your problems, you feel worse. This is especially true when we drop into rumination over some pressing matter.

There are so many forms of meditation that are relaxing, like breath-focus or mantra-type meditations. These meditations do work but, they do not have long-lasting effects.

To make any deep change in our lives, we must change our core beliefs.

For it is in the practice of remembering God that hearts find long-term rest.


Always begin each session by taking a few deep breaths, then remembering that we are letting go of self by remembering God.

As we sit in silence, just notice what arises in your consciousness: thoughts, feelings, body sensations, or whatever. This is the first part: just noticing - noticing without  judgment, like we might notice leaves floating down a gently flowing stream.

Then, whatever we notice, we just let it go by mentally remembering some aspect of God - for example: Designer, Creator, Initiator, Merciful, Compassionate, Forbearing, Owner, Controller, Truth, Forgiving, Guide, Truth, Wise, Protector, or whatever is Dignified and Wise.

And, as always, a simple "Thank you" can be the best rememberence of Him.

After each rememberence, return to focusing on the breath ... the breath is the anchor that keeps us focused.

Repeat these three steps for the remainder of the practice period.

Examples: if I'm thinking about work then I remember that God is the Provider, or if I'm thinking about my next meal I remember that God is the Creator of food.


Be mindful of God, and He will teach you: He has full knowledge of everything.
Quran 2:282

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