The Cause of Suffering

What is the root cause of our suffering?

Is it not simply our habit of taking everthig that arises in the mind to be real? And then, pumping our energy into stories that are just not True.

The idea as a diagram:

How I think it OUGHT to be

How How we think things "OUGHT to be" comes from our past conditioning. Nothing wrong in itself with "OUGHT" (sometimes I use the word ego here) ... we need to have beliefs about how things ought to be to know which end of the fork to use when we eat. The problem is that we "camp out there" ... we believe it is REALITY - It it rarely is!


REALITY is found“ right here and right now" - what is so this very moment. The entry into REALITY is always accompanied by feelings of great peace, gratitude, and awe.

It is life in Truth. Of course, this begs the question:“what is Truth?” When the Truth is realized, it always brings a great shock. The shocking Truth:

To God belongs everhing in heaven and earth, and He is

incontrol of all things.


When theGAPbetween "how I think it OUGHT to be" and REALITY becomes large we experience stress and suffering.

There are two ways to remove suffering ... we can change our beliefs (and accept what is happening right now), or we can change our circumstances. In general it is easier to change beliefs than it is to change circumstances.

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Robert Flegal 2014